mal wieder was aus dem irak

salam pax hat mal wieder nen anfall von schreibwut. is les natürlich sofort mit. wer denkt dort im zweistromland sei jetzt heile welt und alles ist glücklich weil die amis da sind, der täuscht sich (sic!)

The type of “humanitarian aid” reaching the southern governorates turns the situation into a sick comedy. Nasiriayh Hospital got 20 boxes; six of them had only shampoo in them. Need a blood transfusion? Have shampoo, it smells nice. Another four or five were full of past-use-date stitching thread. In Basra the trucks of “humanitarian aid” coming from Saudi Arabia have crates of Pepsi in them. The Pediatric ward there is running out of medicine to suppress a fever, but they do have Pepsi. If this was in a movie it would be hilarious.

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