The 2000s


Mein erster Post seit über einem Jahr, und dann auch noch auf Englisch? Oh Gott! Ein Versuch, Musik der Nullziger auszuwählen. Naja, seht selbst.


I did a little review of the decade. I checked my iTunes library for most played songs (this count is biased towards 2007 onwards, so it was just a minor guideline), read a couple of other decade reviews for inspiration — it’s been a long time since 2000 — and made up my mind on what should be included in here and what not. Rough guideline: Song has to be in my archives and released in the given decade. The years do not necessarily match the release dates of the songs. So here we go. Have your flashblocker ready. Lots of youtube content ahead.

Back in time, towards


I am in the last years of highschool (Gymnasium, as the germans call it). We (a friend of mine, hey Fred! and me) celebrated our 18th Birthday (age of majority: driving! voting! liquor!) by hauling two dozens of beer cases to our local watering hole using my parent’s VW Passat Wagon and having a great time with the guys that weekend. Including the mess that had to be cleaned up afterwards.

Other common things to do: Spend hours playing Counterstrike, Total Annihilation and other games; Spend afternoons at the lake, listening to the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack [different decade].

One of the songs that surprisingly survived to this day in my music library is DMX’s “Party Up”. Hearing the song brings back memories. I don’t particularly like the song but there it is.

Interestingly, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Californication”, which was popular during that time as well, seems to be timeless to me. It looks like they police their own video out of youtube, so this one has to do it.

There was not only DMX, there also was Eminem. Remember Stan?

Or The Real Slim Shady?

Anyways. So much for 2000. On to


Not much in there, probably the same stuff as 2000 considering I was still in school or nearby. Graduated from school that year. Little anecdote? During the graduation ceremony, we got an envelope containing the certification. Mine just contained a note reading “You’ll get your certificate from the secretary office in exchange for the books you still need to return.”

Around that time I started using my PC as an alarm clock, with a playlist to wake me up. I usually get sick of the list after a couple of months, too lazy to change it regularly. That way this Moby song still reminds me of waking up in the old coal-heated apartment next to the school.

Oh, and there was 9/11. So that Enya song has to be in here. You couldn’t miss it back then. However, I could not find in in my library. So, first exception about that rule.

Amelié, les jours tristes. Pretty easy choice.


  • Spent most of the year doing my community service (military service replacement).
  • Vacation in Croatia.
  • Founded a company with a friend (Hi Ralf!) for financing our pet projects, like the server this website runs on.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Can’t stop.

Sportfreunde, ein Kompliment.


  • First full year at university.
  • Chaos Communication Camp.
  • Oktoberfest.

Coldplay, Scientist, Clocks. They don’t like embedding.

Gary Jules, Mad world

Wir Sind Helden, Aurelie


  • University.
  • Summer trip to Berlin and London.
  • Quit smoking.

The Crash, Flash — One of the songs from that album was featured in a german eBay commercial. They don’t seem to have a proper vid on the tube.

Franz Ferdinand, Take me out. Pretty much the whole album.

The Killers, Mr Brightside; Somebody told me.


  • University, moved out of the Dorms.
  • 6mo of Internship in Munich. Oktoberfest.
  • Split the company that we founded in 2002 for practical reasons.

Coldplay, Fix you. I don’t like their vids.

Kettcar, Landungsbrücken, Balkon gegenüber.


  • First “real” job.
  • Shared apartment with a friend – dubbed “ChaosWG 2.0” (hi Zwelch).
  • Vacation in the Baltics: Riga, Tallin.

No new additions to the library. Strange.


  • On the job, University.
  • Moved back into University dorms, my own place this time.
  • Decided to go to Canada (for a year, back then).

Wir Sind Helden, The Geek shall inherit [..] Awesome stuff.

Wir Sind Helden, Konkurrenz

Peter Björn & John, Young folks. Full disclosure: I discovered that song in the first episode of Gossip Girl. </awkward>


  • On the job, Saving for canada.
  • Finally writing my thesis.
  • Getting it finished on time.

Regina Spector, Us

Yeasayer, 2080

Kate Nash, Merry happy

House of Fools, Kiss the haze

Sons & Daughters, Darling


  • Toronto, New York, Chicago, Montreal, New York, Toronto.
  • Awesome year.

Coeur de pirate, Comme des enfants

Phoenix, Lisztomania, nice fanvid

Black Eyed Peas, Gotta feeling. Pretty commercial after all these indie songs. Also, don’t like the idea of a flashmob with corporate identity but this is still an awsome feat:


It is hard to pick favourites. Don’t make me pick. Why did I do that at all? When you start to dive into the vast amount of content that is out there, when you get lost in the myriads of videos on youtube then you’ll understand what I mean. Hobby psychologists, please start dissecting me now.

Also, it is pretty hard to not cross the line into “creepy autobiography”. Actually, I have a gut feeling I crossed it. You can see that developing during the post: At first there were whole paragraphs, later on I switched to bullet points.

Cheers 🙂

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